Best of District Style

New to District Style?  Here’s some of our favorite posts to give you a taste of what our blog is about!

Food in Washington, DC

  • Things We Love: Baked & Wired.  The cupcakes are great, but so is Baked & Wired’s sense of humor.  It’s still one of our favorite places in Georgetown for all of its treats and caffeinated goodness – even when it’s crazy busy.
  • An Inside Look at Dolcezza’s Gelato Factory and Coffee Lab.  Dolcezza’s cofounder, Robb Duncan, has a passion and enthusiasm for gelato that is quite contagious.  After speaking with him, we were ready to make our own gelato – and you will probably will be too after reading this!
  • DC Coffee Talk with Samantha’s Brewed Awakening.  We like that Samantha’s always on the quest for a great coffee experience in DC – and that she’s managed to find some hidden coffee gems throughout the city.

Style in Washington, DC

  • From Bouquet to Meal: A Unique Wedding Idea.  We’re always on the lookout for something new – so when Lauren, the healthy food specialist at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom, told us about the edible bouquet she used at her wedding, we knew we had to learn more!  This is a great idea that can be used for any special occasion.
  • Style Perspectives:  Ricky Choi, Co-Founder, Nice Laundry.  Though his business is now in New York, Choi is a DC native whose style breaks away from the traditional blue-shirts-and-khakis look we’re so used to in DC.  We’re also intrigued with the charcoal soap he suggested (though we haven’t purchased it yet!).
  • Style Perspectives:  Leah Margosis, Makeup Artist.  It’s always interesting to talk to someone who’s quietly behind the scenes, shaping the way we view style in DC.  Though she’s had many high-profile gigs, we like how down-to-earth Margosis is – and how her makeup and skincare advice is tailored to the busy lifestyle most of us have here in DC.

Music in Washington, DC

Life in Washington, DC


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