Eight Products to Improve Your Commute


If you’re looking for ways to improve your commute, look no further.  These eight products will help you organize your essentials and prepare for whatever the day may bring.

SIGG bottle.  SIGG bottles are durable enough for your commute and fashionable enough to add some extra style to your day.  Just make sure you screw the cap on tightly because, otherwise, water will leak all over your bag. (Trust us on this one!)  We’re partial to the Neon Punk line, but any size or design will do.

Mini First Aid Kit. It’s the first day of spring and you’ve decided to wear shoes you haven’t worn in a year.  Hooray for spring!  But, of course, thirty minutes later, you have three blisters forming on your feet and they’re hurting like crazy.  Having a first aid kit on hand for blisters or minor cuts and scrapes you might get on the metro will save you a lot of pain.  You can buy mini first aid kits at any pharmacy, but we recommend making and customizing your own with alcohol swabs, bandages of a variety of sizes, gauze pads, tape, and some Neosporin.

Trader Joe’s Green Tea Mints.  If Altoids are too curiously strong for you, Trader Joe’s Green Tea Mints might be your answer. The packaging claims that three of these antioxidant-filled mints is equivalent to one cup of green tea.  Personally, we just like the taste – it’s a kinder, gentler mint, with hints of vanilla and just a little punch to wake you up if you’ve forgotten your morning coffee.

Berwick DC Slim Card Wallet.  Handmade in DC, these wallets fit approximately 7 cards (including your ID and SmartTrip card).  We like these for their sleek design and durable material that’s made to withstand wear and tear. This wallet will fit nicely in just about any pocket for easy access in and out of the metro system.

Colgate Wisp. These will help you avoid coffee breath if you don’t have time to brush your teeth between your three cups of coffee and your first meeting.  (If you do have time, we recommend Dr. Fresh for its compact case and affordable price – if you were to buy all the items separately, they’d end up costing more).

Sachi Fashion Insulated Lunch Bag.   We love lunch bags that look like purses. They’re easier to carry and they look nice, too. If you’re extra fancy about your lunch, try Zojrushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar.  It’s certainly not as sleek as the Sachi one, but look at all the food you can fit in.  With one trip, you could bring in your lunch for the entire week!

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spray Water.  It will wake you up quickly – really quickly.  It’s also a great year-round skincare product that will set your makeup for the day and hydrate your skin without any irritating ingredients.


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