Five Ways to Reduce Your Stress in DC


We can all benefit from reducing stress in our lives – especially here in DC.

That’s why I’ve come up with 5 simple ways that you can reduce your stress in the without having to fork over hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for a spa day or a trip away.

Click more to see the list!

  1. Take advantage of free space. The U.S. Botanic Gardens and the Smithsonian museums around the National Mall offer a great change from the fast pace of DC life. Two of my favorite stress-free sanctuaries are the indoor garden at National Gallery of Art and the indoor public courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery. They’re available year round, rain or shine.
  1. Do yoga in your own place at your own pace. If you’ve never tried yoga or don’t like taking classes in overcrowded studios, you might want to try doing yoga at home. Rodney Yee’s AM Yoga for Your Week offers 5 programs from beginners with amazing outdoor scenery and clear, precise instruction. You can try them out online or buy the DVD here.
  1. Find your calming scent in a bottle. You don’t have to wear – or even like – fragrance to enjoy the benefits of Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy. It’s a small roll-on bottle that you can apply to your neck, temples, wrists, stomach, or behind your ears. For stress relief, I recommend putting it on the inside of your wrists. The scent is both calming and energizing and, as an added bonus, it can help with general nausea and motion sickness, too!
  1. Find your calm (dot com). If you’re having a crazy day and barely have a minute to yourself, might be your answer. The website offers calming scenes and music that you can tailor to your tastes. If you’re into meditation, offers guided meditation in 2 to 20 minute intervals. You can also download the Calm app for your smartphone (though there is a subscription fee for most of its functions).
  1. Ditch the caffeine for whole juices and smoothies. If caffeine is starting to make you jittery, try a whole juice or smoothie in the morning to get energy without a side of nerves. You can make your own (like my simple pineapple cucumber smoothie) or check out some of my favorites in DC, including the Juice Joint Café and JRINK Juicery.


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