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Food Perspectives: Katerina Georgallas, Baklava Couture

Photo Credit:  Baklava Couture

There are many places to satisfy a sweet tooth in Washington, DC – but very few feature the deliciousness that is Greek pastry.

That’s why District Style was thrilled to discover Baklava Couture at the Dupont Farmers’ Market. Locally owned and operated by Katerina Georgallas, Baklava Couture features both traditional and modern takes on baklava and other sweet Greek delicacies.

We spoke with Georgallas about the inspiration and work behind Baklava Couture and what’s next for her business.


Greek Comfort Food Dishes in DC

Zaytinya, Washington, DC

When most people think of Greek food, they don’t usually think of comfort food.  But Greek cuisine offers a lot of delicious, carb-filled dishes and treats that will warm you right up this winter.

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