Washington, DC

Sunday Snapshot: Farmers’ Markets in Washington, DC


One of my favorite weekend activities is to shop at DC-area farmers’ markets. Above is just a snapshot of what’s currently available at area markets this summer. (Sadly, there’s still no way to capture the delicious smells of fresh food and produce in a blog post!)

If you haven’t been to any of the farmers’ markets yet, check out this great interactive map from the Washington Post detailing more than 170 markets in this area.

This beautiful design from DC’s own Cherry Blossom Creative can also help guide your purchases by showing you what is (and is not) in season.

Bon appétit! 

Inside DC’s Vigilante Coffee


In the heart of the Arts District of Hyattsville lies a coffee lover’s paradise – the new home of Vigilante Coffee.

Located in a former 1920s Ford auto showroom, Vigilante Coffee’s first brick-and-mortar location houses its roasting and production facilities, offices, and training space. The café portion of the space – which will offer coffee and espresso roasted and brewed on site – opens this Saturday to the public.

For owner and founder Chris Vigilante, it’s the culmination of years spent in pursuit of great coffee – a pursuit that began when he was just a sophomore at nearby Virginia Tech.

“I was watching people graduate only to get jobs they didn’t like,” Vigilante says. “That didn’t appeal to me. I had already done internships that showed me what I didn’t want to do. So when a few friends pushed me to find something I was passionate about, I took a chance.” (more…)

Food Perspectives: Katerina Georgallas, Baklava Couture

Photo Credit:  Baklava Couture

There are many places to satisfy a sweet tooth in Washington, DC – but very few feature the deliciousness that is Greek pastry.

That’s why District Style was thrilled to discover Baklava Couture at the Dupont Farmers’ Market. Locally owned and operated by Katerina Georgallas, Baklava Couture features both traditional and modern takes on baklava and other sweet Greek delicacies.

We spoke with Georgallas about the inspiration and work behind Baklava Couture and what’s next for her business.


Style Perspectives: Amanda McClements, Owner, Salt & Sundry


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Martin

From food and travel writer to local business owner, Amanda McClements has become one of the most influential tastemakers in Washington, DC.  Her store Salt & Sundry – offering a variety of inspiring, expertly-curated homegoods – has become the cornerstone of the revitalized Union Market.

We talked to McClements about her style inspirations, her upcoming second store, and why you should never be afraid to change things up.


Interview: Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb. Photo Credit: Kevin Westenburg

Photo Credit: Kevin Westenburg

This Sunday, Lisa Loeb returns to the Washington, DC, stage for a performance at The Hamilton.

We say return, of course, since Loeb has had several memorable concerts in the DC area over the past two decades, including sets at both the old and new 9:30 Club.

Loeb, who was born in nearby Bethesda, first gained fame with 1994’s number 1 hit, “Stay (I Missed You).” The song was featured on the soundtrack of the seminal film Reality Bites, and its accompanying one-take video, directed by Ethan Hawke, became a MTV staple.

Since then, Loeb has embarked on a successful recording career interspersed with book, film, television, and voice-over work. (And yes, that really was her on the series finale of Gossip Girl.)

We talked to Loeb about her latest album, No Fairy Tale, her collaborations, and her views on the ever-evolving music industry.