Modern classics with an edge – that’s what Washington, DC’s STYLECABLE is all about.

Officially launched this past April, the e-commerce startup based at 1776 connects fashion lovers with emerging designers, including DC’s own Erika Schrieber, Sophie Blake, ElaineB, and Sarah Ceceila. These designers and more will be featured at the company’s first trunk show beginning this Sunday, June 29, at Urban Chic in Georgetown.


“We want to challenge the idea that DC is a conventional style city,” says Sabrina, the company’s operations manager. “We want to showcase local talent whenever possible and focus on the high-quality, unique pieces that they make.”

To that end, the company features behind-the-scenes videos and profiles of each of its designers on its website, giving shoppers an inside look into the stories behind the pieces that it sells. Shoppers can also pre-order pieces that the designers develop exclusively for STYLECABLE and even purchase customizable, made-to-order items.

“We’re seeing a lot more demand in our area for unique, handcrafted pieces by independent designers,” says Sabrina. “Pre-ordering and customization helps to meet that need. It’s also important for emerging designers because it helps them know exactly what the demand is and what their production costs will be.”

Of course, wanting to wear unique pieces and being able to wear unique pieces are two different things. It’s a challenge that many DC women face – and one that Sabrina, a former consultant in the financial services industry, acknowledges.stylecable3

stylecable4“Accessories can be a great way to add edge to your look, even in the most conservative office environments,” says Sabrina. “You can also incorporate trends in a more minimal way. For example, print mixing is big right now. You can still do that, but use the same color palette to make it work for you professionally.”

As for future trends, Sabrina says that it’s all about crop tops, boxier cuts, and larger, tailored pants.

“It’s a definite throwback to 90s and we’re going to see that continue to influence style,” she says. “It’s always good to know what trends are happening, but at the same point, don’t feel like you have to incorporate them into your look. You should wear what you like and what fits you best.”

To learn more about STYLECABLE, click here.

Photos, Top to Bottom: Sophia Color Block Top from Erika Schrieber; Sabrina, STYLECABLE’s operations manager; ElaineB small antique brass cuff; and Isly Handbags, Heera – Black Silk. All photos courtesy STYLECABLE.  


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