Style Perspectives: Julien Garman, Lifestyle Blogger

Over the past few years, the DC area has become home to a growing number of lifestyle and fashion blogs.

One of our favorites from Northern Virginia is It’s Julien, a fashion and lifestyle blog created by Julien Garman. Julien’s upbeat style is fun, fashionable, and, best of all, affordable. She combines great pieces that won’t break the bank, which is especially important for those of us living in and around the country’s most expensive city!

We talked to Julien about her style, her inspirations, and what’s next for her blog.

Q:  What’s your earliest style memory?  

My earliest style memory must have been when I was about 4 years old. I was standing on a stool and I may or may not have been throwing a tantrum at my mother for making me wear tights to church. Those things were the WORST! To this day, I have no problem spending a pretty penny on comfortable tights. (DKNY has my favorite!)

Q:  How has your style developed over the years?  

When I was younger, my style was sort of nonexistent. It was when I got my high school job in retail that I realized that I couldn’t wear pink pinstripe pants with a purple floral vest and get away with it. While I would definitely define my style as classic, I’ve taken more style risks since I’ve started my blog.  It’s helped me push my boundaries and I love it.

Q:  Who or what has been the greatest influence on your style?

This may sound cheesy, but my surroundings totally inspire my style. When the cherry blossoms arrived in D.C., I couldn’t stop wearing blush tones and florals. In the summers when we visit the Shenandoah, I’ll sport leather sandals, curt-off shorts and a simple tee. In terms of style icons, Jennifer Aniston tops the charts for me. She is always so chic while wearing the simplest styles.

Q:  How has living in this area influenced your style?

It has definitely taught me to step up my style game. The fashion scene in the D.C. area has evolved so much over the past few years. There are so many style bloggers whom I look up to and admire – not just for their fashion sense, but because they’re so ambitious, talented, intelligent and inspiring.

Q:  What inspired you to start It’s Julien?

I used to work in the magazine industry and really missed the fashion/beauty/events aspect when I moved onto a job in corporate America. This might seem silly, but I also really wanted to make friends with like-minded women in the area since most of my friends are spread out across the country. I’ve gotten to know lots of bloggers in the community, and I really feel blessed to call many my friends.

Q:  What are your can’t-live-without hair, skincare, and makeup products?

For hair, I can’t live without my Moroccan Oil. I have a small one that I take everywhere. For skincare, I have a very specific AM & PM routine consisting of Kiehl’s and Thibiant Beverly Hills products. For makeup, I can’t live without my Urban Decay NAKED palette. It has so many variations that I can get any look I want from one set.

Q:  How would you describe your fashion sense?  What are some of your favorite pieces to wear and why?

I’d describe my style as classic with a touch of romantic girliness. As much as a love trying new trends, I always find myself going for the pieces I know I’ll wear for years. My favorite pieces to wear would be any of my a-line (fit-and-flair) dresses. They’re so comfortable and chic – I’m totally in my element when I wear them. I also can’t get enough of my Frye boots. They add a little rustic charm to any outfit.

Q:  What’s next for your blog?  

It’s Julien is gearing up for big things this year. I’m excited to be hosting a few events in the fall, and will be starting little video tutorials this summer! I want people to see It’s Julien as a place they can find outfit inspiration (Lord knows I need it every so often!), but also as a place to pick up some fun DIY ideas and tasty recipes.


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