The District Style Guide to Sweetlife

Going to the sold-out Sweetlife Festival this Saturday?  Here’s our tips to help you get the most of your festival experience.

Get there early.  Yeah, we know, no one likes to show up early for festivals.  But if you’re coming in from DC, it pays to get there earlier.  Traffic to and from Merriweather can get heavy for shows (cough, Freefest, cough) and you wouldn’t want to miss any of the acts you’ve come all this way to see!

Ponchos ahoy!  Last Sweetlife featured a massive downpour that made us happy we were under the awning in the semi-reserved seating area.  If the forecast calls for rain, bring a poncho with you and leave the sandals at home.  It will make dancing and getting around a lot less squishy. (And trust us, once everyone starts dancing, no one will care that you’re wearing a poncho – including you.)

Discover food old and new. Last year, we managed to get some Toki Underground faster at Sweetlife than we ever could on H Street.  It was amazing.

This year, there’s Toki and many more to choose from, including Pepe by Jose Andrés, TaKorean, DGS Delicatessen, Shake Shack, Pete’s Apizza, 13th Street Meats, Roofer’s Union, The Randy Radish, PhoWheels, Luke’s Lobster, and Chaia Tacos.

If ever there was an occasion for second lunch or second dinner, Sweetlife would be it.  Just remember to bring cash as most food vendors will be cash only.

Listen up.  The time of an artist’s set doesn’t necessarily match their level of talent, so listen up for the sounds of some of the earlier acts.

Last year, we were blown away by Gary Clark, Jr., who came out in the early afternoon with a blazing guitar solo that made a previously distracted audience take notice.  Few knew his name before his set, but they certainly knew who he was after.

Will anyone top Gary Clark, Jr.’s set this year?  We’ll have to wait until Saturday to find out.

(Above: last year’s festival.  Credit: Joshua Cogan for Sweetgreen.)  


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