Things We Love: Aesop


One of our favorite beauty discoveries in New York was Aesop, a line of hair, body, and skincare products from Melbourne, Australia.

We had never heard of it, but as soon as we saw an Aesop shop in Soho, we knew it would be love.

Though small, the store is impeccably designed.  And, if that doesn’t catch your eye, the three bottles of lotion – mounted to an outside wall and ready to be dispensed – will lure you in with their luxurious scent and feel.

We went inside and discovered a tester’s paradise.  Two employees – yes, they somehow manage to fit two employees in that small space – help customers try on whatever products they’re looking for.  Their method is perspective:  they ask you questions about your skin (or your hair) and they help you find the products that make sense for you. We saw as many men as we saw women who enjoyed and bought some Aesop.

At first, we were a bit incredulous.  We had heard claims before at other beauty product stores – most of which were empty promises designed to sell products.  And while no one would doubt that Aesop is trying to sell products, their packaging and whole aesthetic is basically dedicated to the ingredients and things the company finds interesting (like, for example, providing an A to Z guide to Berlin on one of their sample bags). We guess they can get away with that since the products we tried actually worked.

Our favorites included:

  • Volumising Shampoo.  Made with fennel seed, peppermint leaf, and rosemary leaf, this shampoo smelled almost as amazing as it made our hair look.  Our hair had more visible volume and was easier to manage throughout the day (and night).  The Aesop employee mentioned that the formula is especially designed for city water, which meant it worked just as well in New York as it did when we tried it out in DC.
  • Ginger Flight Therapy. The Aesop employee said that this is primarily for use to prevent nausea on planes.  We used it to both energize and calm down during some stressful metro commutes – and, well, it definitely made us feel better.  We rubbed just a little on our wrists, though the product can be used on the neck, abdomen, and temples (though be careful that it doesn’t get into your eyes, of course!).
  • Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream.  With an amazing smell and a rich, creamy texture, this moisturizing cream was ideal for nighttime use.  It also didn’t make our skin break out like other moisturizers sometimes do, which is always a plus!

Though Aesop does not have a standalone store in DC, some Aesop products are available through Mutiny.  They can also be purchased online here.

The Aesop mentioned here is located at 438 W Broadway in New York.  


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