Greek Comfort Food Dishes in DC

Zaytinya, Washington, DC

When most people think of Greek food, they don’t usually think of comfort food.  But Greek cuisine offers a lot of delicious, carb-filled dishes and treats that will warm you right up this winter.

Click more for our top 5 picks for Greek comfort food in DC.

5.  Pastitsio at Zorba’s Café. Pastitsio is a baked meat and pasta dish (usually ziti) topped with béchamel and about 1,000 calories.  It is rich, creamy, and something you should probably only eat once in a while.  Zorba’s portion is just the right size for someone trying out pastitsio for the first time

4.  Avgolemono at Cava MezzeThis soup is just the right combination of chicken, orzo, and lemon. It’s a warm, calming dish that we like to pair with the Village Salad – our favorite Greek soup and salad combination in the city.

3.  Kotopoulo Youvetsi at Zaytinya.  Though this chicken and orzo dish seems like your typical pasta dish, it has a subtle balance of spices that meld together into comfort food perfection. It’s also topped with kefalograviera cheese, which melts wonderfully into the dish. It’s also a favorite on Zaytinya’s restaurant week menu

2. Stone Oven Baked Eggs at KapnosLamb can be a tricky meat.  When it’s not cooked properly, it can be dry and lacking in taste, but when it’s made right, it’s the perfect complement to many Greek dishes.  This egg dish balances the savory flavors of lamb, egg, feta, and potatoes in such a way that you’ll be wanting to have lamb for breakfast everyday.

1.  Everything at Greek Deli & Catering. Greek Deli & Catering is the best Greek deal in DC.  Unfortunately, it’s only open Monday to Friday during working hours, so it can be difficult to try out.  If you ever have a day off, though, and don’t mind waiting in line, this place will meet all of your Greek comfort food needs.  The portions are big enough to feed at least four people, which means you could have delicious leftovers for days!  While we’ve enjoyed everything here, our particular favorites are Baked Moussaka and Authentic Greek Meatballs.

Καλή σας όρεξη (bon appétit)!



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