Things We Love: Uniqlo

UNIQLO is nuts.

Seriously, the first time I walked into the UNIQLO flagship store in New York, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothing, choices, and colors. It’s like someone went to IKEA and said, “Let’s do this for clothes!”

You have to be in the mood for shopping when you go to UNIQLO. It is not for the impatient or the dressing room-averse.  Like H&M, you can go into the dressing room with 10 pieces and come back with one piece that fits. Maybe.

After trying on a few basics that were comically unshapely, I managed to find a few pieces that were worth the hassle.  My favorite was  UNIQLO’s Ultra Light Down Parka  available in all the traditional winter colors as well as bright, bright yellow so you can show everyone just how tired you are of cold temperatures.

There were rumors late last year that UNIQLO was coming to CityCenterDC, but the company denied those rumors. Your best bet, for now, is to buy online.  The Ultra Light Down Parka, unlike many of the other items I tried on, was true to size – and you’d be hard pressed to find a wider assortment of affordable, fashionable accessories anywhere else.


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